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Beginner's Guide for Online Poker Play

Before getting started with online poker, you should first learn what online poker play exactly is? What Online Poker Play Exactly Is? Online Poker Play means playing poker on the internet. When you play poker online, you are connected to a game server via an internet. The game of online poker is played between two people at least and 10 the maximum at a single poker table. However, in large poker Read More...

The Things That Makes A Great Game Server Host

Gamers and clans will be constantly looking for better game server providers. How do we look for quality? By looking at a number of points like support, price, ping and the server hardware used. Cost Price is only relative to what you get from a company. If you choose to pay peanuts expect to get that back in quality. This does not mean that some cheap hosts are not good reputable companies but t Read More...

Get the top spots of local search engines

Here are 6 distinguished behaviors to get Google to show your website a little local love. 1) Register your online business in Google Places. a) While you register what you are promoting in Google Places make sure to fill out your profile as thoroughly as possible. Connect as many pictures as potential, video, etc. Also make sure to use your key phrases in descriptions and for the IMG ALT tags on Read More...

What is Remote File Inclusion

Remote File Inclusion, or, RFI, may sound hard, but it's basically very easy. The title itself already explains a bit about it. You will basically include a file on a server, which is hosted on an other server. With RFI, you use an URL-based type of 'hacking'. Of course, this will only be possible if the server supports PHP and allows Remote URL access. Let's make an example of a RFI. Say we Read More...

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